Just to Update

Well – life has been a little more calm since leaving the Music City. The days have been full of work (with lunch time training) and the nights have been social gatherings mixed with a few evenings of down time at the house. But since blogs are about consistent updates, here are a few updates.

I’ve got in two awesome weekend training rides. Last Saturday was a hard 70 mile solo effort that included lots of flats, a simulation of what Beach 2 Battleship will throw my way. It was hot and gave me the opportunity to work on my nutrition, which I’ve been truly trying to dial in. I followed that bike up with a 45 min run which was not fast, but confidence building in that I felt good and held 7:45 steady. This past Saturday I took the road bike out for an epic ride, up to Ward, CO and across the Peak to Peak Highway and down in to Estes Park. See the route here, but there was a lot of climbing and the 90 miles took me the better part of 6 hours. Part of this was due to the fact that I got a few tack nails in my rear wheel halfway up the first sustained climb.

In two weeks I take off for Provo, UT to race the Utah Half Ironman. This will be exciting because it’s my first half since May of 2009 and the first one I’ve felt fairly prepared for since 2007.

What else??? Sunday I supported Whit at the Boulder 70.3 race. She killed it, 4th overall with a 4:26 time. She is really coming in to her own and with Ironman Wisconsin just around the corner, her timing couldn’t be better. After the race and awards, we headed out to get something eat and up Sunshine Canyon. On top on the canyon there is this little pull off with a short trail that leads to a rock outcropping. I found this fairly soon after moving to Boulder and I’ve never seen anyone else up there. Whit and I sat on the rocks and split a mini-bottle of Kentucky Bourbon, then a beer, as she retold her race recap. We laughed and made jokes while looking west towards the high mountains. It’s funny what moments you carry with you over time. Sometimes you forget things you never thought you would, and other things that seem to carry no weight stay with you. While I was sitting there, sipping a beer and laughing with Whitney, it became clear that this was one of those moments I should try to hang on to.


I’ve got some travel coming up soon, so maybe things will be a little more interesting next time….. cheers.



One thought on “Just to Update

  1. I’ll carry those Sunshine Canyon moments with me, as well. Cheers to us, Lucas McCain. Thank you for all your support, and all the good times. Your girl Whit

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