Race Ready

This weekend will be the final official test run before Beach to Battleship in late October. Initially I had hoped to do the Boulder Half -Iron but it sold out quickly and I missed getting in. My second goal was to sign up for the Harvest Moon Half put on by Without Limits Productions, but that race falls on the same weekend of Ironman Wisconsin and Whitney’s “A” race of the year. So in June I looked for the closest and best option for a half and I landed on the Utah Half in Provo, UT this weekend.

I packed up early Friday morning and got the P2 race ready. I’m trying out a new bottle set up buried between my aero bars and some 60mm Flashpoint race wheels. The Utah Half is going to be a flat and windy course, so the gear will get a test that is very comparable to what I’ll see in North Carolina this October.

I’ve also been trying to nail down the nutrition aspect of racing. After a handful of long training days and a race where I suffered from “the bonk” I renewed my efforts in finding a good mixture of  calories and electrolytes. It will be critical for the race this weekend that this is nailed too as they are forecasting a high of 97 degrees! This week I got a surprise in the mail from Whitney and one of her sponsors, a solid supply of GU products to help for the next few months.

The drive from Boulder to Provo is a long but beautiful traverse through the Rockies, past towns like Frisco, Copper Mountain, Vail, and Glennwood Springs. It was a very pretty drive and one that kept me attentive, which was great because I was alone and needed something to keep me alert. There was also one heck of a storm I drove towards and through in Utah, and grabbed some great video of lightning strikes.

I also drove past and took a peak at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Time Trial Stage in Vail. It was an awesome site with cyclists everywhere on Vail Pass. I’ve ridden the pass before, it is challenging but not overly steep. It was a cool site to see BMC, Garmin, Liquigas, etc… warming up on the pass and towing about 20 recreational riders behind them. Cycling and Triathlon are two of the only sports left that allow fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with the best in the world.

Now it is just a matter of a race warm up, a little work, taping the numbers on, and getting some rest. Will update post race!


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