Steamboat: A Weekend Away

Whit and I needed a break from Boulder and the weekly routine of long rides and runs. So Friday afternoon we headed west on I-70 towards Yampa, CO where we had reserved a rustic cabin for the weekend.

Friday night, after checking in, we went to the Antlers Bar Cafe & Bar and hung out with the locals for a bit before heading to bed. It was a cool night and we awoke to a slight rain. We started the bike ride in the drizzle and within minutes it was raining harder. We debated but decided to head forward. It was a great decision because withing half an hour the rain had cleared and we had a beautiful day of riding ahead of us.

We cruised around and then in to Steamboat Springs where we stopped for baked goods. We then headed southeast, around Stagecoach Lake and back to Yampa. What a great change of pace, and a much needed ride.

Saturday night we went in to town for dinner, beer, and to catch The Campaign. Being in a new place is so much fun, and it was good for us both to shake it up a bit.

Sunday morning we awoke, packed up and headed to Fish Creek Falls that is located about 5 miles outside of Steamboat. We were unfamiliar with the trail and thought it would be rolling. WRONG. The trail was awesome but it was straight up and then straight down. We ended up running for about two hours but only managed 11 miles. Afterwards we sat in the creek icing down the burn.

Due to traffic concerns we took the long way home. It was a good call because we were treated to an incredible drive through the High Rockies and Rocky Mountain National Park.

I created a little video with some random shots of Whit training. Check it out.

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